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Jack Marshall in uniform

Since we started in 2010, C’ville Images has been engaged in projects to inform and enlighten through photographs. We have collected vintage images from a wide range of sources and continue to gather and scan photographs, most offered to us by private citizens.  These digitized images are used in publications, exhibits, live programs, and web projects. (Above image from the Coiner Collection at C’ville Images)


We have also done extensive research of existing collections including those at the University of Virginia, Library of Congress, and other museum collections and repositories. In some cases, our research has led to new discoveries and the amending of historical record. (Above photo courtesy Library of Congress)

EPSON MFP imageIn addition to the posts on our website and Facebook page we recently began running a feature on Dave McNair’s DTM website. The website covers news and events connected with downtown Charlottesville.  The C’ville Images feature, called “Vintage DTM,” shows old photographs of Main Street and Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall. (Above photo by Ed Roseberry, 1963)

Ragged MTN. Dam - Version 2

C’ville Images is also dedicated to doing current day documentation of buildings, landmarks, and construction projects so there might be a collected record of the current day for future generations.


C’ville Images is supported by Steve Trumbull’s photography business and Karyn Trumbull’s real estate business along with the donations and volunteer time of friends and supporters.

Roseberry Collection Title

A small amount of funding comes through our slideshow presentations and sales of select prints such as those in the Roseberry Collection at C’ville Images. We have worked extensively with Mr. Roseberry for the last few years digitizing his archives and working to ensure his legacy. Both Ed Roseberry and C’ville Images make money from your support of our work together. (Photo above was taken by Ed’s brother, Bill Roseberry in the early 1960s at Humpback Rocks in the Blue Ridge Mountains)

We have worked for, and have cooperative relations with, the City of Charlottesville, Jefferson Madison Regional Library, and many area non-profits. However, we feel it is important to note that we have NO AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER with the ACHS under it’s current management.

We are an independent, not-for-profit, operation supported by private funds.  We know of no other groups or individuals doing so much with so little for local history in Charlottesville and surrounding areas.  Thanks to all of you who contribute to C’ville Images!

Above photos credited individually with the exception of the two color images by Steve Trumbull of C’ville Images.  All work copyrighted.


Main Street, Circa 1900


A brick-paved Main Street without motor vehicles wasn’t just the 1960-70s vision of today’s Downtown Pedestrian Mall, it was a reality well more than 100 years ago.  This image taken circa 1900 shows Main Street in Charlottesville was first paved with bricks changing the old unpaved, dirt road into a more user-friendly surface, especially in wet weather. Horses, mule-drawn carts, carriages, pedestrians, and pets all made for a bustling downtown business district.

Trolleys ran along the tracks down the center of Main Street, first powered by mules, and later by electricity. (An elderly guest at one of our recent slideshows told us his father could remember extra mules being added to the team to pull the trolleys up Vinegar Hill, the steepest part of Main Street).

Several of the buildings in this photograph, particularly on the left (north) side of Main Street still stand today, although the businesses have all changed.  Note the dome (actually there were two) on the Leterman Building on the left at First and Main Streets. Those ornamental domes are long gone but most of that building still stands at First and Main. A bank replaced the east end of the Leterman Building in 1914 and is now the location of Hamilton’s.

We know for certain that this image pre-dates 1909 when a fire destroyed several of the buildings seen here in the distance on the south side of Main.

This part of town would remain the principle business and shopping district in Charlottesville until 1959 when Barracks Road Shopping Center would be built, luring businesses and their patrons with easy access and acres of parking.

The old photo appears to have been taken from the roof that sat at the base of Vinegar Hill.  That building stood where the Omni Hotel is today.  This second photograph shows today’s view in the same direction from the roof of the hotel (several stories higher, of course):

View from Omni

 The photographer of the early twentieth century image is not known for certain.  The photo posted here was from a scan of an old print donated to C’ville Images. Current day photo by Steve Trumbull, © C’ville Images.

Encore for “Charlottesville Then and Now with Ed Roseberry”

Then and Now poster June 2014 Carriage HillAfter two showings of “Charlottesville Then and Now with Ed Roseberry” on Wednesday night, we are up for one more before summer break.

Next Thursday, June 19th, we will have an encore showing of this month’s presentation.  It will be held at the clubhouse at Carriage Hill on Pantops.  Show time is 8:15 and light refreshments (wine, etc.) will be served starting at 7:30.  Tickets are $10.  Seats can be reserved by contacting Steve Trumbull.