Backroads: Sugar Hollow Reservoir

This is the second post in our new “Backroads” series from C’ville Images.  I will be exploring some of the lesser-seen locations around Albemarle County and into the adjacent counties. I hope to find old photographs, take new photographs, and uncover some hidden history of places surrounding Charlottesville. “Backroads” will feature historic homes, small towns, forgotten landmarks, and anything else I find off the beaten path.  Thanks to everyone who continues to share old photos of Charlottesville with us at C’ville Images. We welcome any old pics from outlying areas as well!Sugar Hollow #2The reservoir at Sugar Hollow was built on the Moorman’s River in 1947 to supply water for the city of Charlottesville.  In the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western Albemarle County, Sugar Hollow has long been a spot visited by fishermen and locals enjoying the natural beauty of this backroads location west of C’ville.

Sugar Hollow RSWAThis photograph taken from the same angle 70 years prior shows the dam under construction in the 1940s.

Sugar HollowSugar Hollow’s location, adjacent the Shenandoah National Park, makes it a picturesque destination for day trips from C’ville.


The pipeline that moves the fresh mountain water east towards Charlottesville.

Sugar Hollow #3Sugar Hollow is one of three reservoirs that serve the Charlottesville area.

1940s image from RSWA archives, scanned and provided to C’ville Images by Charlottesville Tomorrow. Current day photos by Steve Trumbull.


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