Abandoned In C’ville (Part 4)

This is the fourth in our series of abandoned properties in and around Charlottesville. In my explorations I have seen and photographed many old buildings inside and out, some of which have since been torn down. A few of these buildings and locations have been featured in other posts on this website, but I wanted to group the images here, as they collectively tell a story about time, life, and the structures we inhabit in our short stay in this world.  Some locations may be left unidentified out of respect for the property owner.

Old Jail # 6 Another look at a building we featured in an earlier post, this is the old county jail near Court Square in downtown Charlottesville. Closed in 1974, the old stone and brick jail with a tall brick wall surrounding a courtyard, still stands, unused.

Ridge #2This small house once stood on a back street only a few blocks south of downtown Charlottesville.

Merrie MillBuilt in 1764, only two years after the founding of Charlottesville itself, this old mill still stands in eastern Albemarle County.

Haden Lane #2This old house near Crozet was demolished shortly after this photo was taken.

Carrsgrove #6This fireplace, old chimney, and a refrigerator were all that was left of this old home when we found it on a large property in Charlottesville.

Gate House Ragged MountainThe gatehouse between the two sections of the old Ragged Mountain Reservoir has been partly demolished with the current expansion of the reservoir.  This area will soon be under water.

Carrsgrove #2An interior of an old C’ville home, now gone.

Esmont Store (1)Service station and store near Esmont.

IMG_9498An aerial view of the Blue Ridge Sanatorium. Originally built as a large hospital compound to treat tuberculosis, several of the original structures remain. The property is owned by UVA and off limits to the public.

Abandoned Shell #4The last hours of a service station at Barracks Road Shopping Center.  Originally a Texaco and later a Shell, it has now been replaced by shops and restaurants.

 All photographs © C’ville Images, 2010-2014

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