Train Depot, Keswick

Keswick Depot 33This abandoned train depot in Keswick, just a few miles east of C’ville, was used in the 1956 film “Giant” to serve as the train depot for the fictitious town of Ardmore, Maryland where the first scenes of the film take place.

Keswick Depot
The cinder block walls are still standing but the structure is in disrepair.

Keswick Depot#2Down the tracks, in the distance to the west, you can see Montalto, the mountain next to Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello.

The film starred Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Paul Fix, the latter seen here awaiting the arrival of Rock Hudson.

Color photos by Steve Trumbull. B&W photo by Ed Roseberry.

More photos from the set of “Giant” at the Keswick Depot in this archived photo essay¬†from our “Charlottesville Then and Now” website.

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