Abandoned in C’ville (Part 3)

This is the third in a series of posts on abandoned places in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. In my explorations I have seen and photographed many old buildings inside and out, some of which have since been torn down. A few of these buildings and locations have been featured in other posts on this website, but I wanted to group the images here, as they collectively tell a story about time, life, and the structures we inhabit in our short stay in this world.  Some locations may be left unidentified out of respect for the property owner.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 1
Staircase in abandoned home near Crozet, west of Charlottesville.  Home has since been demolished.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 2
Remaining chimney of abandoned homestead on the banks of Charlottesville’s reservoir in the Ragged Mountains. The reservoir was first built in 1885 and then expanded around 1908.  It is uncertain when the home that stood here was built but likely before 1885. This site will soon be completely underwater with the latest expansion of the reservoir that is well underway.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 6 Warehouse and bottling plant built in 1939 by the Coca-Cola Company in Charlottesville. Building is currently standing, awaiting new occupants.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 7 Part of Charlottesville Motors, built on West Main Street in the late 1930s.  This building was used for many things over the years but has since been demolished to make room for  a residential high-rise, currently under construction near 9th Street, SW.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 8 A private study/library inside an old home. Abandoned when the owner passed away and was demolished a decade or so later.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 9 Abandoned barn near Barboursville, north of Charlottesville. Current fate unknown.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 10
Old Shell station demolished to make room for restaurants and shops at Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 11
An empty garage in an abandoned home in Charlottesville. Now gone.

Abandoned in C'ville 3
Another look at the Landmark Hotel, an abandoned construction project in downtown Charlottesville.  We featured a different photo of this same building in Part 1 of this series.  The unfinished structure is one of the very tallest in Charlottesville.  In the photograph, taken through the glass of a window, you can see the reflection of the National Bank Building across Main Street.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 12This photograph was taken shortly before the demolition of this old home possibly built in the early 1900s.  It had been abandoned for over ten years at the time of this photograph. The property was inside the Charlottesville city limits.

Abandoned in C'ville 3 (1)This house was once a prominent home on the east side of Charlottesville overlooking the Rivanna River at Freebridge.  Over a century old, it sat on a large property which has since been over taken by smaller houses of the working class neighborhood that surrounds it. The landscape is so overgrown that the house can no longer be seen from any of the major roads that pass it. It is currently slated for demolition.

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