Abandoned in C’ville (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of posts on some abandoned buildings in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. In my explorations I have seen and photographed many old buildings inside and out, some of which have since been torn down. A few of these buildings and locations have been featured in other posts on this website, but I wanted to group the images here, as they collectively tell a story about time, life, and the structures we inhabit in our short stay in this world.  Some locations may be left unidentified out of respect for the property owner.

Abandoned C'ville 3
Loading dock at Woolen Mills on the east side of Charlottesville. The facility has not been in operation for 5 decades.

Abandoned C'ville 4 Once Charlottesville’s only airport, this location in Milton, east of C’ville, still has the airplane hangar and main office building that it had when it closed in the 1950s.

Abandoned C'villeBuilt in 1899, this was the home of the president of the Alberene Soapstone Company in Alberene, VA. The house design was based on a Charlottesville home known as “Crestwood” located just off Old Ivy Road.  That house was burned (in a fire department training exercise) and razed in 1990.

Abandoned C'ville 5
This home in Western Albemarle County still stands but has been unoccupied for many years.

Abandoned C'ville 6 Interior of an abandoned home near the university which has since been razed.

Abandoned C'ville 4 (1)
House a few blocks south of downtown. Now gone.

Abandoned C'ville 3 (1) Interior of large home in Charlottesville. Long gone.

Abandoned C'ville 2 Prison cell in old Albemarle County jail. No longer used though building still stands.

Abandoned C'ville 2 (1)
Warehouse.  Gone.

Abandoned C'ville 1 Abandoned home near Hogwaller, east side of town.

Abandoned C'ville 1 (1)
Empty barn north of Charlottesville.

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