Abandoned in C’ville (Part 1)

This is the first in a series of posts on some abandoned buildings in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. In my explorations I have seen and photographed many old buildings inside and out, some of which have since been torn down. A few of these buildings have been featured in other posts on this website, but I wanted to group the images here, as they collectively tell a story about time, life, and the structures we inhabit in our short stay in this world.  A few are unidentified out of respect of the property owner.

Abandoned C'ville 9Interior, residence, west of Charlottesville.

Abandoned C'ville 10
Engine room for freight elevator, warehouse, Charlottesville.

Abandoned C'ville 8Abandoned concrete plant in Charlottesville, now gone.

Abandoned C'ville 7Abandoned house, western Albemarle County, now gone.

Abandoned C'ville 6 (1)
This failed hotel project in the heart of Charlottesville at Second and East Main Streets is now abandoned except for animals, vegetation, homeless people, and graffiti artists. There are no firm plans to either finish the project or remove it. It is one of the tallest structures in Charlottesville.

Abandoned C'ville 1 (2) Woolen Mills on the Rivanna River on the east side of town. Operated from 1850s to 1960s when it was abandoned.  Partly used for storage.

Abandoned C'ville 2 (2)Interior of old car dealership near downtown Charlottesville, long after the dealership moved to Rt. 29 North.  Building has since been demolished.

Abandoned C'ville 3 (2)Long time Charlottesville theater, now abandoned, though the building still stands.

Abandoned C'ville 4 (2)Abandoned home in Charlottesville.

All photographs © C’ville Images, 2010-2014

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