University Hall, UVA

news-uhall-interiorThis photograph by Ed Roseberry was taken after the completion of the construction of University Hall in 1965. This facility would serve as the Cavaliers’ home court until 2006 when the John Paul Jones Arena would become their new home.  Several UVA basketball stars played at U. Hall, including Ralph Sampson, Barry Parkhill, Bryant Stith, Jeff Lamp, Sean Singletary, and Wally Walker, all of whom have had their numbers retired.

ERUHallConstructionThis photo shows the massive scaffolding supporting the concrete beams during construction of University Hall.

img171Another photo taken by Roseberry during construction.

ERDate?1960s?UHallUnderConstruction?This aerial shows the framework of the roof of University Hall in place and the adjacent building also under construction. Note the cleared area in the distance.  That is the southern portion of Barracks Road Shopping Center as it expanded from the original 1959 construction. Also note the houses to the right.  They were part of temporary housing built for students with families in the post-WWII era.

img189 A view from the streets of the Copeley Housing area after University Hall is completed.

EPSON MFP imageJohn and Sarah Dunn, the last residents to leave the housing complex before demolition. Roseberry unintentionally captured a visual pun with a U-Haul trailer in the same view with U. Hall.

img808Ed Roseberry created this playful image with a fish-eye lens mounted on his Nikon camera taken during construction of U. Hall.

img847More fun with the fisheye lens, this shows the UVA band playing during a break in the action at a game in U. Hall.

77910014This shot shows a packed house attending a basketball game during the Ralph Sampson era.

img810This photograph (using the same lens) was taken during a graduation ceremony.

DSC_2899Roseberry’s Nikkor fisheye lens mounted on his Nikon 35mm camera.

getStaticImage-13UVA basketball legend Barry Parkhill shoots a lay-up to break a tie in a game against South Carolina.

img9397’4″ Ralph Sampson dunks the ball while a stunned Clemson player can only watch.

ER20Feb1981Ralph SampsonSampson autographs a basketball for fans.

img185Although U. Hall would prove to be acoustically abysmal for music performances, the large facility would attract big names to Charlottesville including Louie Armstrong seen here in the newly-constructed building in 1965.

img026Before U. Hall was built the Cavaliers played their games in Memorial Gymnasium and Roseberry was there to photograph the games.


 All photographs © Edwin S. Roseberry except the photo of Barry Parkhill.  That photo is courtesy UVA Library and the photographer is not listed. Ed’s camera/lens was photographed by Steve Trumbull.



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