1896 UVA Football Team, Fayerweather Gymnasium

1896footballteamThe 1896 University of Virginia Football Team on the steps of newly built Fayerweather Gymnasium on Rugby Road. This photo has also been dated 1895, but either way, this is the era of football before helmets were worn, a touchdown and field goal kick were both worth 5 points, and the forward pass hadn’t yet been invented.  Third from the right in the front row is Eugene Davis, who would go on to become a medical doctor and also serve a few years later as the football coach for VPI (Virginia Tech).

DSC_3535More than a century later Fayerweather Gymnasium’s steps and columns remain unchanged although the building (now “Fayerweather Hall”) is part of the McIntire Department of Art.

getStaticImage-1 This photograph from the early twentieth Century shows a pageant performance in front of Fayerweather Gymnasium. Fayerweather predates Memorial Gym by three decades.  Its open interior made it useful for university functions other than just sports.

getStaticImage-15This image from the early years of Fayerweather shows a horse-drawn buggy on Rugby Road, a dirt road at the time.

getStaticImage-2Gymnasts show their skills in front of Fayerweather in the early Twentieth Century. When Fayerweather was built, UVA did not have a basketball team and, with many of the college athletics being played outdoors, gymnastics was a central use of the building.

IMG_7794It’s current proximity to UVA’s art museum (partially seen on the left in this view) make the old building a logical part of the university’s art department today.

All black and white photographs are courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library.  Color photos by Steve Trumbull.

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