The Year in Review: 2013

2013 was a phenomenal year for C’ville Images. We continued much of the work from the previous year and, with the support and interest of the Charlottesville community, took C’ville Images to new heights.

2013-03-03-15.12.53We did nearly 20 photo presentations including this one at the McIntire Room at JMRL. Our monthly shows at C’ville Coffee were a huge success with sell-out crowds month after month.  Some months we expanded to two shows. A couple of the shows pushed the capacity of the facility, leaving standing room only so, we have started selling the tickets in advance for 2014. The presentations featured a wide selection of photographs with different themes each month. We featured the photography of Ed Roseberry for a couple of the programs and we unveiled some historic film footage taken in C’ville in the 1920s-40s. Guests enjoyed many photos that have not been shown elsewhere, even on our own website.

_DSC9037C’ville Images continued our documentation work of the Charlottesville area, focusing on buildings being built or demolished and we have added an astounding number of images to our archives documenting the rapid change that is occurring here. This documentation will be part of local history in the decades ahead.  For some of our documentation we worked with Preservation Piedmont, a local non-profit that is leading the way with documenting properties before they are lost to demolition.

IMG_8482Photographs from C’ville Images’ extensive digital library have been used in local publications and have shown up in various web projects. We have done photo installations for both businesses and in private homes.  Early in the year we also had an exhibit at the Central Branch of JMRL.

IMG_1587The digital collection has expanded at a vigorous pace in 2013 with images being donated by local businesses, families, and individuals.  The collection now easily numbers more than 25,000 images including 1000s of photographs that won’t be found elsewhere. We are very grateful to all the people who have been willing to share their photos so we could scan them into the library and, in turn, share them with the Charlottesville community through our projects.

DSC_2849We have spent a huge amount of time this year working with legendary Charlottesville photographer Ed Roseberry digitizing large portions of his archives. We have especially enjoyed getting the opportunity to view some of his lesser-known work in the form of original negatives which have been stored away for decades. C’ville Images has shown, and will continue to show in 2014, many of these rare gems. We have also opened the Roseberry Collection, a selection of Roseberry’s work now available for purchase as prints.

Rugby Hills110 - Version 2One last note to clarify things for those who have inquired:  C’ville Images is an independent operation and has no affiliation whatsoever with the local historical society.  Although we are not “for-profit” we operate as part of Trumbull Photography, a privately owned business. C’ville Images operates with volunteers, primarily the donated time and resources of Steve Trumbull and his wife, Karyn. We do NOT hold tax-exempt status or get support from local governments.  Our rent is NOT subsidized by taxpayers.

We raise funds through sales of prints, our slideshow presentations, and also by the generous contributions of our fans who have used the “Donate” button on our website. If you like what we’re doing here please consider helping us keep this going in 2014!

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