Locust Avenue Overpass

While some C’ville locals might bemoan the long, slow construction project at McIntire Road and the 250 By-pass, perhaps it is time to look back at an earlier project along Rt. 250 in Charlottesville.

551823_221366344633680_1528408586_nThis photo from the 1950s shows the original construction of the 250 By-pass, specifically the excavation of the east-west road so that it could go under Locust Avenue.  The view here looks east toward Pantops.  Some of the homes seen in this photo still stand today.


521373_221367124633602_860637776_nIn this aerial view we see the completed By-pass with the Locust Avenue overpass in place. In the distance you can see a second bridge at Park Street.  The by-pass allowed for easier flow of through-town traffic.  Interstate 64 would be built only a decade or so later and today the “by-pass” handles mostly local traffic.


IMG_4717This is a current day view from the bridge looking east, showing the extent of the original dig to get the road under Locust Avenue.


551823_221366344633680_1528408586_n - Version 2VDOT records aren’t clear but it is possible that the earlier road work was done by Mike Mulligan.



Historical photos courtesy Randy Olsson

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  1. Louise, you can’t actually see that particular corner in any of these photos but, yes, Riverside Lunch was once there and before that, a service station. We have other old photographs that show that location.

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