Thanks, Everyone!!

ERJan1960Aerial#1C’ville Images would like to thank everyone who has contributed to us this year.  We’ve received 100s of great photographs from individuals, families, and businesses to add to our digital collection.  A number of you have volunteered your time and talents to help us out.

And, of course we couldn’t do this without some financial support as well.  We recently installed donate buttons on the website to make it easy for the folks that enjoy this ever-growing website to give a few dollars to support it.  Thanks to all of you who have already used it!

We do more to photo-document Charlottesville architecture and streetscapes than any other organization we know of and our digital library of Charlottesville images has grown to over 25,000, far surpassing even the local historical society.  No other group or individual is presenting Charlottesville photos and history the way we do. We get NO public funding so we do this all with financial contributions and volunteer help from private citizens and businesses.

We do raise some money through our local history/photo programs (like the very successful C’ville Coffee slideshow series) and we also sell a few prints (check out the “Roseberry Collection”) but we really need more generous support from individuals in the community who can contribute and help us grow and continue to bring great C’ville Images for all to enjoy. Thank you, everyone!

                                         -Steve Trumbull, C’ville Images

Photo by Ed Roseberry, circa 1962, of the Belmont Bridge, Belmont, and the mountains to the southeast of Charlottesville. Photo taken from the roof of the Monticello Hotel.

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