7 Ways

IMG_8257People often ask me how they can help us out at C’ville Images.

There are many ways…7 to be exact!

1. Tell friends and family about us. “Like” us on Facebook and encourage friends to do the same. Send links to our posts to anyone you think would enjoy them. Please don’t poach images from the site, but feel free to send the links.

2.  Purchase Prints.  Our Roseberry Collection has a great selection of prints for sale.  They make great gifts. Or frame them for your home or office to show off your appreciation for C’ville history! But the Roseberry Collection is only part of what’s available.  Any image on our website that we have permission to print and sell is available.  Contact us!

3. Help us build the digital collection of C’ville images.  Your family, business, or colleagues probably have old photos of Charlottesville. Whether it’s hanging on the wall or stored away in the attic, we’d like the opportunity to scan it.  We are interested in any old photos of homes, buildings, street scenes, and events in C’ville and the surrounding area.  We’ve collected and scanned 1000s in the last couple of years, always returning the original to the owner.  Help us make contact with friends and family members who might have old photos to share. We love meeting with and hearing stories from folks around town, especially the older citizens of C’ville who have so much to share.

4. If you are a writer or researcher you can contribute your writing to C’ville Images.  If you have a local history subject you would like to write about, we can provide the photos for the piece you write.  Your name will be on the post along with a link to your website. Writing for C’ville Images can help build exposure for your work.  Contact me to discuss your idea.

5. Hire us!  Hire C’ville Images for photo presentations. See the link in the navigation bar for details. Hire Trumbull Photography.  Trumbull Photography is my for-profit business, so the work I do for hire allows me to give time and resources to C’ville Images. I do real estate photography, aerial photography, and historical documentation.  Hire my wife, Karyn Trumbull, for your real estate needs.  Karyn has built an excellent business with Nest Realty and has had great success in the last few years helping both buyers and sellers in Charlottesville.  Karyn is C’ville Images’ single biggest financial supporter.

6. Come on out!  Attend our monthly C’ville Coffee slideshows and other events.  Keep up with all the happenings on our Facebook page and on our “Posts” page right here!

7. Donate. We now have donate buttons on the website including on the “Contact and Contribute” page in the navigation bar at the top.  You can easily donate a few dollars with your credit card.  If you’ve enjoyed this site, please consider pitching in!


-Steve Trumbull, C’ville Images

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