Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in C’ville

On the occasion of their 66th wedding anniversary C’ville Images thought we might bring back a photograph from the visit to Charlottesville of Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip.

50170012 This classic photo by Ed Roseberry shows the Queen and Prince touring Monticello in the summer of 1976.  In the years since, they have been back to Virginia, but not to Charlottesville.

IMG_3280 Perhaps little remembered today, the Queen and her husband planted this tree in Charlottesville near the old visitors center off Rt. 20 just south of town.

IMG_3273The impressive tree, though rarely visited anymore, still stands today.

1399134_260550904097720_252182991_o - Version 21399134_260550904097720_252182991_o

These two photos come from the Facebook page of The British Monarchy Heir and show a Then and Now pair of images we thought were perfect to include here on their 66th wedding anniversary.


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