Midway, November 11, 1918

getStaticImage-13The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month…with the ending of fighting in the Great War declared in November of 1918, this celebration took place in Charlottesville at Midway (where Ridge and West Main Streets meet). The large building seen here was a public school at the time. None of the buildings in this photograph still stand. The Lewis and Clark Monument would be dedicated the following year. “Armistice Day” would become “Veterans Day” in 1954.

getStaticImage-13 2This second photograph of the same gathering shows a large group of soldiers being honored by the citizens of Charlottesville.

22090005The public school was known as Midway School and served all grades (although only white students) at the time.  It would later become the high school that predated Lane High School which predated Charlottesville High School.  After Lane was built in 1940 this building would be used for various local government services including the health department and motor vehicles department.  It was demolished in 1972.

IMG_4152This current day view shows the general area of the 1918 celebration.  Holsinger took his photos from the brick building seen here which was the the offices for the Charlottesville & Albemarle Railway at the time. The church to the left also stood at that time.

_DSC5372The Lewis and Clark Monument at Midway in the current day.


Black and White Photographs by Rufus Holsinger, courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library, University of Virginia. Current day images by Steve Trumbull. The Midway School photo is from our collection but is undated and the photographer is not known.

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