Fire Truck on West Main

Jack Marshall in uniform

This photograph, taken circa 1953, shows the delivery of a new fire truck for the Charlottesville Fire Department. It is being unloaded from a box car near Union Station on West Main Street. The buildings seen in the background all still stand on West Main in the block between 7th and 8th Streets. This image comes from the Coiner Collection and is just one of many photos sent to us by the late Preston Coiner, one of our earliest and strongest supporters. Thanks to everyone who has loaned us photos to scan or sent digital copies or prints to us so that we can continue to do slideshows, web projects, and exhibits. We could not continue our work without the generous contributions of Charlottesville businesses, families, and individuals. Thank you!
_DSC7564 A current day view of one of the buildings seen in the 1953 photograph.
IMG_4675Another recent view of one of the last groups of buildings along west Main Street that date to the early Twentieth Century.  Check out all our posts on West Main Street by typing “West Main” in the search box at the top of this page.





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