Last Show of the Season

Poster Nov 2013

Our final C’ville Coffee show of the season, this slideshow will feature some of the best photographs of the year, including a handful of audience favorites from our previous shows.  So, if you’ve missed some of the earlier shows you’ll get to see a few of the highlights.

photoBut we aren’t just reviewing the past year.  We’ve recently added to our collection some remarkable vintage images that we’re excited to share for the first time. We’ve received a number of photos from businesses, families, and individuals that are real gems.  We’ve also scanned a bunch of new photographs from the deep archives of Ed Roseberry’s amazing collection.

No central themes or subjects to cover this month, just a broad and eclectic selection of great vintage C’ville images.

$5 at the door helps to support our digitizing and research.

Image in the poster is by Ed Roseberry taken from inside the belfry of the old First Baptist Church on Jefferson St.  Thanks to the law firm of Michie Hamlett for allowing us to scan the 1925 photograph of the construction of the Monticello Hotel.  And thanks to all our donors and supporters for a great year!  

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