UVA Dorm Room, 1971

getStaticImage-16The photographer of this image from 1971 showing a UVA dorm room captured this fascinating slice of the pop culture of the times (click on the image for a larger view).


So much going on here. In addition to the obvious Simon and Garfunkel poster and 7-Up ad there is this Snoopy poster on the wall to the right:



On the other wall, below Simon and Garfunkel is a Morton’s Salt advertisement:

Morton's Salt


On the shelf we see  the game, Twister (which was relatively new at the time having been invented in 1966).



Also on the shelf is a Mateus wine bottle (yes, as good as it looks):



The young woman in the middle holds a Blood, Sweat and Tears lp on her lap:



Finally, notice the chair in the foreground, an inflatable piece of furniture called simply, “Blow”. It was the creation of Italian designer Jonathan De Pas and mass-produced in 1968-69. It is now a vintage collectable:


Dorm room photo courtesy UVA Library

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