The Changing Face of West Main: Essay in Black and White

In the past couple of years I have spent quite a few hours wandering West Main Street. These photographs, taken over that period, attempt to capture some of what West Main has looked and felt like as this part of Charlottesville continues its broad transformation.

IMG_6927 - Version 2Possibly the last of its kind, these street signs attached to buildings were commonplace downtown a century ago. The signs were made with porcelain enameled steel.

IMG_4761 This group of old brick buildings has recently been renovated for three new businesses.

IMG_4950  The Charlottesville Motors Ford Dealership used to occupy this building, now gone.

IMG_7189 One of the businesses that attempted to make use of the old dealership.

IMG_4280 - Version 2 This building shows some Art Deco detailing revealing it’s early 20th Century construction.  It once housed a grocery store.

IMG_8002 - Version 2 Window on West Main.

IMG_9706 Century-old brick work.

DSC_0829 Last days for this building near Midway.

DSC_0833 New construction is changing the streetscape by moving skyward.

DSC_1299 Preservation of some of the oldest buildings helps to maintain a link to the area’s history.

DSC_3991 Interior of an abandoned building.

_DSC4515Last hours.



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