C’ville, Then & Now: Ridge Street House

205Ridge Street              This late 19th Century Queen Anne style house sat on Ridge Street until the late 1950s when the Fire Department built their new Fire Station on this location.

DSC_2764This fire station replaced the older firehouse just a few blocks away on Water Street that had served the community since the days of horse-drawn fire wagons.

While many of the houses along Ridge Street have been lost over the last 130 years it is still one of the better places in Charlottesville to see some of the Victorian houses that were once homes to many of Charlottesville’s prominent families and business owners. Today, Ridge Street turns directly into 5th Street going south so you need to make a jog near Tonsler Park to continue on Ridge and see some of the old houses still there.

DSC_4067One structure recently lost to new construction was this one that sat on the corner of Ridge and Hartman’s Mill Road.

At our October slideshow we featured a number of old photographs of the Water Street Firehouse including the demolition (circa 1960) documented by Ed Roseberry. We hope to form that story into a post on this website in the near future.

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