Downtown Mystery Revisited

img587-1024x1005A few weeks ago I posted this photograph from Ed Roseberry taken in the early 50s (we think). Ed had captured this shot by climbing a ladder to the roof of this building. He ran into these kids who were also up there but never got their names.

getStaticImage-10Last evening I was chatting with Ed and a few other long-time Charlottesville residents about the long building at the right side of this aerial photo taken around the same era. Ed recalled that it was on this long building that he had seen the boys. As is evident in Ed’s photo the building was either getting a new roof or being demolished. Whatever the case, it is now long gone.

getStaticImage-10 - Version 2This close-up shows enough detail to confirm that this is the building that the boys were climbing on.  The cornice of the brick building that is adjacent is visible, as is the Gilmore Furniture building across Water Street.

But the mystery remains: What was this building, built at an angle to Water Street with sidetracks from the railroad all along the south side?  And who were those young men, surely in their 70s by now?




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