October’s Rare and Remarkable Photographs

Our “Rare and Remarkable Photographs” series continues this Thursday at C’ville Coffee on Harris Street just off McIntire Road in Charlottesville.
As we have been doing for the last couple of shows, Thursday’s program will features a variety of photos and the stories behind them. They are all connected to Charlottesville and its history so you get to see some rarely seen images and learn about some of our town’s lesser-known past.
Included this month we will see photos of the Water Street Firehouse downtown which was demolished in the 1950s and a series of classic Charlottesville service stations from the 1930s and 40s.  We also will share some never-shown-before photographs of the historic visit to Charlottesville by President Roosevelt on June 10, 1940. These photos were taken by a local radiologist and amateur photographer and have just been found in a private collection and scanned for the first time by CHIL.
 testThe Daily Progress headlines just 2 days before FDR was expected in Charlottesville to give the commencement address at UVA.  The address would become the famous “hand that held the dagger” speech delivered at Memorial Gymnasium but would resonate around the world.

Mem GymFDR’s limo would pull up to the doors on the right. Newly discovered photographs of his visit to Charlottesville on that rainy June evening will be part of our program on Thursday, October 10th.

RedfieldsRRTracks_Winter_2013As if all that weren’t enough for our hour long program, we also have Dr. Dan Koller joining us to share some of the photographic images he has created. Referred to as “solar graphs” these are months-long exposures creating ghostly images of Charlottesville scenes while capturing the movement of the sun across the sky.  Dan will be on hand to discuss the process and share these truly remarkable images, including some six-month exposures taken from the roof of the historic Albemarle Hotel.

This is a one-time showing at 7 pm. this Thursday with a $5 admission to help support our work gathering and researching photographs.
Only one more program open to the public this season (November) but this one should not be missed!
Top image courtesy The Estate of Lionel Key. Daily Progress front page courtesy JMRL. Solar graph of RR. tracks at undisclosed location by Dan Koller.


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