Rare and Remarkable Photographs: November 14th

R&R ScreenThe fourth and final of our Rare & Remarkable Photographs series will be on November 14th at 7 pm. at C’ville Coffee. The show will feature some of the favorite photographs from previous shows but then add in a lot of other photographs, both recent acquisitions and classics we just haven’t worked into a program yet. No shortage of surprises, this is a great show whether you’ve been to several others or if this is your first chance to join us.

img794This is one of the very rare photographs (and one of the newest to our collection) that we will feature in the show. It shows a local football team at Lee Park. This is so early in Lee Park history that Lee wouldn’t arrive until the next year! Behind them on the right is the newly built McIntire Building (public library at the time) and the First Baptist Church that once sat on the Corner of Jefferson and Second Street, NE. Join us to find out what school they played for and hear the rest of the story behind this rare and remarkable C’ville image.

Charlottesville Newcomer’s Club

Had a great time yesterday presenting to the Charlottesville Newcomer’s Club at their event held at Wintergreen Resort.  I provided a virtual tour of Charlottesville spanning 130 years with dozens of pairs of Then and Now photos from our extensive collection. Many of these are posted on this website and on Charlottesville Then and Now .  But I also included a number of photos that haven’t been shown publicly before. qP7i4O4YiKyx3XKHTsr9D-U-fj-dtzEiVae_zCXPGCE




If you are interested in having me speak to your organization or private group, including in-home showing for families or parties, please let me know.  It is very affordable education/entertainment and you’ll get to show off your connection to our great town and to local history. Email me. 

Roseberry in Varsity

Roseberry Varsity

Our favorite C’ville photographer, Ed Roseberry, was once a fashion model! Who knew!? This rare photo from 1947 shows Ed with some UVA classmates and was featured in the nationally-circulated Varsity magazine. The piece advised college men on their wardrobes. Ed, seen in the back seat with cool shades and a stylish sport coat, would share the pages of this particular issue with a young, aspiring actress whom he would meet (and photograph) a decade later.

Join us at our final rare photographs show at C’ville Coffee on November 14th to hear the rest of the story.

photo 1 photo 2

Easter’s, UVA, circa 1950


Kappa Sigma at UVA circa 1950 in a rare early color image from the Roseberry Collection. Ed Roseberry experimented with color film as early as 1948 but many of the early color negatives haven’t held up well over time. The film from this particular photo shoot of an Easter’s party is well-preserved. We have scanned the negatives but have not yet confirmed the year.
Ed took several shots of this party from the rooftops of the surrounding fraternity houses.
A few cars are parked along Rugby Road and the sports field behind Madison Hall (“Mad Bowl”) can be seen here in the upper right corner of this photo.

A couple of decades later Easter’s would grow in size and become a nationally known partying event, packing Mad Bowl and the surrounding streets, with students traveling to UVA from other schools.  But in the early 50s it was relatively tame and confined by the decorated fence seen here.

 All photographs © Ed Roseberry and scanned and digitized by CHIL.




Last Show of the Season

Poster Nov 2013

Our final C’ville Coffee show of the season, this slideshow will feature some of the best photographs of the year, including a handful of audience favorites from our previous shows.  So, if you’ve missed some of the earlier shows you’ll get to see a few of the highlights.

photoBut we aren’t just reviewing the past year.  We’ve recently added to our collection some remarkable vintage images that we’re excited to share for the first time. We’ve received a number of photos from businesses, families, and individuals that are real gems.  We’ve also scanned a bunch of new photographs from the deep archives of Ed Roseberry’s amazing collection.

No central themes or subjects to cover this month, just a broad and eclectic selection of great vintage C’ville images.

$5 at the door helps to support our digitizing and research.

Image in the poster is by Ed Roseberry taken from inside the belfry of the old First Baptist Church on Jefferson St.  Thanks to the law firm of Michie Hamlett for allowing us to scan the 1925 photograph of the construction of the Monticello Hotel.  And thanks to all our donors and supporters for a great year!  

UVA Dorm Room, 1971

getStaticImage-16The photographer of this image from 1971 showing a UVA dorm room captured this fascinating slice of the pop culture of the times (click on the image for a larger view).


So much going on here. In addition to the obvious Simon and Garfunkel poster and 7-Up ad there is this Snoopy poster on the wall to the right:



On the other wall, below Simon and Garfunkel is a Morton’s Salt advertisement:

Morton's Salt


On the shelf we see  the game, Twister (which was relatively new at the time having been invented in 1966).



Also on the shelf is a Mateus wine bottle (yes, as good as it looks):



The young woman in the middle holds a Blood, Sweat and Tears lp on her lap:



Finally, notice the chair in the foreground, an inflatable piece of furniture called simply, “Blow”. It was the creation of Italian designer Jonathan De Pas and mass-produced in 1968-69. It is now a vintage collectable:


Dorm room photo courtesy UVA Library

The Changing Face of West Main: Essay in Black and White

In the past couple of years I have spent quite a few hours wandering West Main Street. These photographs, taken over that period, attempt to capture some of what West Main has looked and felt like as this part of Charlottesville continues its broad transformation.

IMG_6927 - Version 2Possibly the last of its kind, these street signs attached to buildings were commonplace downtown a century ago. The signs were made with porcelain enameled steel.

IMG_4761 This group of old brick buildings has recently been renovated for three new businesses.

IMG_4950  The Charlottesville Motors Ford Dealership used to occupy this building, now gone.

IMG_7189 One of the businesses that attempted to make use of the old dealership.

IMG_4280 - Version 2 This building shows some Art Deco detailing revealing it’s early 20th Century construction.  It once housed a grocery store.

IMG_8002 - Version 2 Window on West Main.

IMG_9706 Century-old brick work.

DSC_0829 Last days for this building near Midway.

DSC_0833 New construction is changing the streetscape by moving skyward.

DSC_1299 Preservation of some of the oldest buildings helps to maintain a link to the area’s history.

DSC_3991 Interior of an abandoned building.

_DSC4515Last hours.



W.T. Martin Hardware

Martin Warehouse

This photo from the turn of the 20th Century show the warehouse for Martin Hardware, a long-lived Charlottesville business that still has a store on Preston Avenue.  100 years ago they had a retail store just a block down from Charlottesville Hardware on Main Street. The entrance to Martin’s was about where the entrance to the Paramount theater is today. The warehouse, however, faced Market Street in the location seen below, near the stage entrance to the theater.


Thanks to Sandy DeKay for helping sort out this one. 


The Changing Face of West Main: Gas to Pho

IMG_9712 - Version 2A lot has changed in the last few years along West Main Street with much more change in store in the near future.  Some construction has made new uses of old buildings. This former gas station, turned auto repair, is now a restaurant with patio seating where gas pumps once stood.DSC_0635

I first posted on this  building more than two years ago in this post on Charlottesville Then and Now.

Holsinger Texaco Wagon West MainThe oldest photograph I’ve been able to find of this West Main Street location is this one by Rufus Holsinger (Courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library) taken a century ago, well before the gas station was built.  The building seen here still stands with a number of changes.DSC_0636


1592This last photo from the Coiner Collection at C’ville Images shows the service station in the background of this portrait from the 1940s.

Festival on The Lawn

getStaticImage-15This undated photo from at least the 1910s if not earlier, shows a festival or pageant taking place on the Lawn at UVA. Among the participants in costume are Miss Betty Booker (second from left) who was at one time an opera singer and later ran a boardinghouse for students on University Avenue. Also seen here in the middle back in Dr. Lambeth, known as the “Father of Athletics” at UVA and is credited with making improvements to the game of football 100 years ago that are still part of the game today.

DSC_3549 In this view from the north steps of the Rotunda you can see the Booker House on the right, run as a boardinghouse by Miss Betty Booker and her mother, 100 years ago and well into the 20th Century.

IMG_8473Buddy Voshell at Lambeth Field in spring of 2013.  Both Dr. Lambeth and Dr. Allan Voshell (Buddy’s father) worked at UVA (for a while at the same time) and were both involved with UVA Athletics.