JAG School, UVA

EPSON MFP imageThis photograph was taken exactly 40 years ago while the Judge Advocate General’s School at the University of Virginia was under construction.  Ed Roseberry caught this view while flying over North Grounds in September, 1973.  A close look reveals many details, including the baseball field where the baseball stadium now stands. Click on image for a larger view.


Crozet Railroad Station

These photographs were taken by Rufus Holsinger in 1913 in Crozet, Virgina, just a few miles west of Charlottesville.  Many decades later, the railroad depot would become the Crozet branch of the Jefferson Madison Regional Library. With the new library just opening this month and the books moving from the old depot to the new building, here is a look back 100 years.

Holsinger Edit Crozet Train Station Holsinger Edit Crozet train 3

Holsinger Edit Crozet Train #2


_DSC4945This aerial photo shows the new library being built earlier this year (construction site/building at right). The railroad depot can be spotted along the tracks near the center of the image.

Holsinger photographs courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library. Aerial photograph by Trumbull Photography.

Next Show, Next Thursday

Rare Images Poster on photosLast evening, we ran through a preview (along with a couple of bottles of wine) in Meadowbrook Hills for a small gathering of historical photo enthusiasts.  With a couple of minor tweaks the presentation will be ready for our C’ville Coffee showing next Thursday.  An additional show is scheduled for the following Sunday to provide a late afternoon option.

The show covers a range of subjects including Midway, Vinegar Hill (rare color images), and a look back at a once-vibrant mural that has all but vanished on West Main Street. We will also see photos of the Third Street Entrance to The Paramount Theater and find out why it ever existed. We’ll view a number of century-old photographs showing one of UVA’s early sports facilities, and some remarkable portraits from the early Twentieth Century.  Lots of photos, all of Charlottesville.

This is the second show in our series of Rare and Remarkable Photographs. If you missed the one in August, don’t let this month slip by.

Thursday, September 12, 7 pm.
Sunday, September 15, 5pm.

C’ville Coffee, Harris Street
$5 at the door

Thanks to Sandy DeKay and Karyn Trumbull who have distributed this month’s posters.