One Year

It has been one year since I lost my good friend Preston Coiner.  Not a day has gone by that I have not thought about him.  What he might say about some current event.  What he might observe about some change downtown.  What he might think about what the future holds.  What he might laugh at that happened to tickle his funny bone.

I presented a slideshow yesterday to the Lane High School alumni.  It was the slideshow that Preston had offered to help narrate last year of vintage Charlottesville photographs from the 1940s through 70s, an era in C’ville that Preston knew well. I couldn’t help but imagine all the great stories and details he would have added to the photographs we showed. I can still hear his voice with every new photograph I find. I can still hear his voice every time I walk along Main Street.



Our town is not the same place without Preston here…

…to give directions…IMG_1321

…explain how things work…IMG_4421

…reminisce about the past…DSC_0478

…contemplate the future…IMG_8475

…share a laugh with a friend…IMG_8034

…provide a helpful lesson…IMG_3170

…encourage others…IMG_2762

…tell a story…IMG_3221

…explore an interest….IMG_2173

…lend a hand…IMG_3143

… or have some fun.IMG_6731


Our town (and world) is a lesser place without him.. but a greater place because of him.IMG_9941

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