Queen Charlotte Hotel

QueenCharlotteHotel The Queen Charlotte Hotel was a dominant feature on West Main Street throughout the first half of the Twentieth Century. This postcard image (from the Davis Norris Collection at CHIL) shows the hotel in it’s heyday. Though it only lasted a few decades it was once the first thing one would see when arriving in Charlottesville by train and disembarking at Union Station on the Southern Railroad.

Holsinger Queen Charlotte - Version 2This detail of the front entrance shows it also went by the name Hotel Queen Charlotte.  Late in the life of the establishment the neon sign out front began to fail and for a while the sign read “HOT QUEEN HARLOT” much to the amusement of locals.

The Queen Charlotte Hotel will be featured in this month’s slideshow at C’ville Coffee with a number of pictures showing its various looks over time.

The second photograph is from the Holsinger Collection at UVA Library.  The postcard is just one of hundreds CHIL recently acquired from former Charlottesville Mayor and long-time postcard collector, Dave Norris.  CHIL has a large collection of images we are currently scanning but we hope to work on the Norris Collection more this winter and develop it into some interesting web projects and presentations. Meanwhile, join us for our monthly shows at C’ville Coffee.

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