Holsinger At 100: August 24, 1913

getStaticImage-20One hundred years ago, Rufus Holsinger took this portrait of Miss Ellie Wood Page and her aunt, both on horseback on University Way, just above Lambeth Field.

DSC_1308This photograph shows the same view today.

Ellie Wood Page’s mother ran a boarding house on the Corner at UVA.  Some of the students boarding there tacked up a sign on the street corner affectionately naming the street Ellie Wood Avenue.  The name stuck and today is a busy side street off University Avenue, home of long-time Corner businesses like Eljo’s, The Biltmore, and Ragged Mountain Running Shop.

getStaticImage-19Lambeth Field was just below University Way and was the home field of UVA’s football team.  This photo, also by Holsinger, shows the Cavaliers in the autumn of 1913. The goal posts were right on the front edge of the end zone and helmets were optional gear back then.

DSC_1317DSC_1315The two houses seen in the upper right of the top photo (with Ellie Wood Page) are along University Circle.  Both still stand today.

 Holsinger photos are courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library

All other images © Trumbull Photography

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