The Changing Face of West Main

IMG_8255 Over the next couple of years some major changes will occur on West Main Street. Several multi-story, mixed-use buildings will go up in locations that have gone unchanged in decades. The most recent building now slated for demolition is the Republic Plaza Building seen in the aerial view above (center, with blue-green roof). It is less than three decades old but will be replace by a much larger building that will also include the location of the old Safeway building next door (large one-story with black roof). The old Charlottesville Motors Building was recently demolished leaving the open construction site seen here on the south side of West Main Street.

1160This second photograph shows this same section of West Main Street on the ground, looking east in the 1970s.  Over the next many months we will run a series of posts on the changing face of West Main. We have hundreds of photographs of this part of town and we are aggressively documenting the changes now underway. Both the new and old photos can be seen in posts, slideshows and exhibits produced by Charlottesville Historical Image Library.  Keep checking back here or follow us on Facebook for updates.

For now, you can also check out some Then and Now photo pairings on our Charlottesville Then and Now website.

All work © CHIL; aerial photo by Steve Trumbull; 1970s photo courtesy Preston Coiner and part of the Coiner Collection at CHIL

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