Holsinger at 100: July 26, 1913

getStaticImage-22On this date, 100 years ago, Rufus Holsinger recorded this image in his ledger. Today, that ledger is kept along side the existing Holsinger Collection at Special Collections in the  UVA Library. The staff at Special Collections does a fantastic job with their detailed cataloguing of the Holsinger images, including the dates and other information as it was recorded or has since been discovered.

This photo was likely taken in the countyside near Charlottesville, but the exact location is not known.  One of the things we enjoy working on here at CHIL is identifying the location and other info of photographs we come across when that detail is unknown.  We have made positive identifications for a number of unknown images in the Holsinger Collection. However, for the moment, this one has stumped us.

Nevertheless, we love the clarity, detail, and composition of this image and couldn’t resist posting it. If you recognize the farm or have any educated guesses, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This photograph is the latest in our occasional series, “Holsinger At 100”.  To see the entire series use the search at the top of the page and type in “Holsinger At 100”.

Courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library

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