Happy 88th, Mr. Roseberry!


My wife, Karyn and I were honored to host a birthday party to celebrate Ed Roseberry’s 88th. Family came from as far away as California to wish Ed well, with many of his more local family joining in. Of course, Ed and I had to run through the “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” slideshow for the guests, but it included many images even the family hadn’t seen, so it was an entertaining evening for all. Ed was born on July 4, 1925.

_DSC6938 Ed posing for photographs for family. Here, Ed, Jr. and his two daughters gather around.

_DSC6912 Ed chats with his younger brother, Bill.

_DSC6908 Ed with his sister-in-law, Grace.

You can wish Ed happy birthday in person, on July 11th or July 14th at C’ville Coffee when we will show the new edition of “Roseberry’s Charlottesville”.  The Thursday show is at 7. The Sunday show is at 5. $5 at the door goes directly to Ed Roseberry and to CHIL to continue the digitization process of our ever-growing Roseberry Collection. Some of Ed’s classic photos will also be available for purchase as prints.

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