Rare Photographs

On August 8 our “Rare Photographs of C’ville” will feature many vintage images of Charlottesville that we’ve not shown before. We tell the stories behind the photos, but keep the history lesson to a minimum.  This hour-long presentation is photo driven, with many photos that will take you back in time and reveal a few things even the old-timers might not know.


Please join us for this enjoyable Thursday evening event. Show starts at 7 pm. but come early to enjoy food and drinks from C’ville Coffee.  $5 at the door helps support the work we do collecting and digitizing rare and unusual C’ville photographs.


The photographs come from a wide range of sources. We have the work of both professional and amateur photographers.  Many families, businesses, and individuals have contributed photos to our library, often just one and two at a time. We are grateful for these generous contributions and shows like this one are our way of showing off these great looks into Charlottesville’s past.

VHSCville Main Streetlate19C

As an added bonus for August, on Sunday the 11th, we will have an encore of one of the shows we did earlier this summer.  “Films of C’ville” will return with a few changes.  If you missed it the first time around or would like to see the fascinating film clips from 1929-1941 again, join us for this special Sunday afternoon (5 pm.) show.

C’ville Coffee. $5

Holsinger at 100: July 26, 1913

getStaticImage-22On this date, 100 years ago, Rufus Holsinger recorded this image in his ledger. Today, that ledger is kept along side the existing Holsinger Collection at Special Collections in the  UVA Library. The staff at Special Collections does a fantastic job with their detailed cataloguing of the Holsinger images, including the dates and other information as it was recorded or has since been discovered.

This photo was likely taken in the countyside near Charlottesville, but the exact location is not known.  One of the things we enjoy working on here at CHIL is identifying the location and other info of photographs we come across when that detail is unknown.  We have made positive identifications for a number of unknown images in the Holsinger Collection. However, for the moment, this one has stumped us.

Nevertheless, we love the clarity, detail, and composition of this image and couldn’t resist posting it. If you recognize the farm or have any educated guesses, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This photograph is the latest in our occasional series, “Holsinger At 100”.  To see the entire series use the search at the top of the page and type in “Holsinger At 100”.

Courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library


Well, I haven’t ever actually shopped at a Wegmans grocery but every time I hear mention of the store coming to Charlottesville it seems to be with great enthusiasm.  So I decided to have a look at the location of the near-future grocery mecca from the air.

_DSC6532This aerial photo of 5th Street near Interstate 64 shows a large wooded area across from the Food Lion. A few locals might remember that this was the site of the 19th Century  home of CSA Captain Eugene Davis.

Willoughby # 2The house survived until a mysterious Halloween night fire just a couple of decades ago destroyed it.

IMG_8606The beloved Captain Davis was given a hero’s funeral service in Charlottesville when he died in 1894 and is honored in stained-glass at Christ Episcopal Church on High Street.

You can see a more extensive photo essay of the historic property on Charlottesville Then and Now.


“Rare Photographs of C’ville”: August 8

Our next slideshow is set for Thursday, August 8 at 7 pm. The presentation will be held in our regular monthly location at C’ville Coffee on Harris Street.  If you haven’t joined us for one of these events, please do. We usually have a good crowd but the venueis a comfortable and casual atmosphere where you can enjoy a beverage and see some fascinating vintage photographs from Charlottesville. $5 at the door supports our continual efforts to find and show rare and unusual C’ville images.

42954vWe will show a number of rare photographs from Charlottesville that we have gotten from a wide range of sources. This photograph was taken in 1923 on the south end of the Lawn at UVA. You can see the statue of Homer as well as the Rotunda and Pavilion X in the distance. Note the cars parked along the road which today is only a walking path.  The people dressed in colonial costumes appear to be part of a pageant or performance. The original glass plate that this photo came from is housed at the Library of Congress.



Thanks For Your Support!

Many of the visitors to this site, followers on Facebook, and guests at our shows have asked how they can help support our efforts to continue to collect and digitize C’ville images and find new and interesting ways to show them. Currently, all the work done for the Charlottesville Historical Image Library is volunteer.  We only can keep doing this if we have your support.  Here are a few ways you can help:

Attend our shows


We currently have a new photo presentation each month on the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm. at C’ville Coffee on Harris Street in Charlottesville. We sometimes have guest speakers and recently have had extra dates (Sunday afternoon). Each show is centered around the photographs and always about Charlottesville, but with a different focus or theme each month. $5 at the door helps support our work. We have been getting an average of 50 guests for each show which makes for a nice atmosphere and some friendly socializing before and after.  The slideshows typically run about an hour.

Hire us to do a show



For about $200 we can do a presentation for your group or private party. We have done shows for groups ranging from a handful to over 100.  A photo presentation can add interest to your group’s meeting, inform and entertain, and make for a memorable experience for your guests. We can even customize the show for your group. Contact us for details.

Purchase prints

EPSON MFP imageWe recently began offering some classic selections from the Roseberry Collection at CHIL but anything on our websites or in our shows that we have rights to reproduce can be purchased. Typically, 8x10s go for $30, which is a nice size for the average home or office to mat and frame, but custom sizes are available. We have provided photographic prints for both homes and businesses, in some cases even providing consultation on framing and placement.  Whether you need a single print or an entire exhibit, we can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your specific needs.

Donate photographs

IMG_1587Share your own Charlottesville photographs with us. CHIL is a digital collection of images built on the generosity of families, businesses and individuals who have allowed us to scan their old photos and use the digital files for exhibits, slideshows and web projects. We return the originals to you after scanning and always credit the source of an image. Your photographs are likely to be seen by thousands over the years. It is only through these contributions, by both professional and amateur photographers, that CHIL is able to keep doing what we do.

Sponsor an exhibit

IMG_4147We are always looking for businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor an installation featuring photographs from our collection. The details of this type of sponsorship can be wide-ranging, from the type of mounting, to the location, to the theme of the exhibit.  Please feel free to contact us if this might be something you or your business would consider.


We know of no other Charlottesville area organization, public or private, that is singularly focused on Charlottesville images and doing the types of projects we’re doing.  We cannot do it without your help.  Thanks for your support!


Rare C’ville Photographs

img613Our next photo presentation at C’ville Coffee will feature a collection of rare Charlottesville photographs.  Pulled from a wide range of sources, these images have seldom, if ever, been shown publicly, or published in any manner.

Over the past many months the Charlottesville Historical Image Library has received contributions of photographs from families, businesses, and individuals; from photographers both professional and amateur. Our ever-growing collection contains some fascinating looks at Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

We have selected a few dozen of these to make up the slideshow on Thursday, August 8, at 7pm. $5 at the door helps CHIL to continue to collect and digitize rare C’ville images. Please join us for a show you won’t soon forget!

Above image is from the Roseberry Collection at CHIL, taken by Ed Roseberry in the 1950s of the C&O station on Water Street.

Thursday Night’s Show

Thursday night’s showing of “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” was the first of two showings of the special “88th Birthday Edition” for Ed Roseberry.  While we have done many different slide show presentations (and now have a monthly gig at C’ville Coffee) it is always great fun to do shows with Ed. He is an entertaining story-teller and his memory of places and events that he has covered is phenomenal!  IMG_8876 IMG_8887IMG_8882

My wife Karyn (a realtor by day) always helps at the door and last night had the added duties of selling Roseberry prints and taking the above snapshots of the show in progress. These events would be impossible with out her help!

We were thrilled to have  media coverage for last evening’s show:

Newsplex ran a great story including some footage of the show and conversation with Ed.

The inimitable Kristin Twiford of NBC29 News did some on-location reporting from C’ville Coffee as well as an interview earlier in the day at our CHIL office.

And, of course, we had a great visit at the beginning of the day in the studio of radio station 106.1 The Corner with city councilor (and promoter of everything cool in C’ville!) Dede Smith. The Corner’s Brad Savage graciously hosted the segment so we could share with listeners info about “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” and what we’re up to at the Charlottesville Historical Image Library.

There’s another chance to see the show on Sunday at 5 pm. so, if you couldn’t make it last night, don’t miss this one!

Now on Sale: Roseberry Classics

Now, for the first time, Charlottesville Historical Image Library is offering prints for sale.

We are pleased to offer 5 classic Roseberry prints as a set from the Roseberry Collection at CHIL.

The 5 photographs are 8×10 and come in protective sleeves. The set is accompanied by a letter listing the locations and dates of each image and signed by Ed Roseberry.  Mr. Roseberry also hand-stamped the back of each print making them a valuable collectible. These prints were made from the original negatives providing excellent resolution and the highest quality print.

We are offering the set for $125.  Individual prints are available for $30/ea.

The proceeds from the sale of these prints go to Ed Roseberry and to CHIL to support the digitization of Ed’s archives for the Roseberry Collection at CHIL.

EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP imageimg820Scan

Order this set or individual prints by contacting Steve Trumbull directly at steve@cvilleimages.com

This Week: “Roseberry’s Charlottesville”

img353This month’s photo presentation is “Roseberry’s Charlottesville: The Photography of Ed Roseberry 1940s-1970s”

It is a photo presentation produced by Charlottesville Historical Image Library and co-narrated by Ed Roseberry and Steve Trumbull and will be shown at C’ville Coffee on Harris Street in Charlottesville

Two dates are scheduled:

Thursday, July 11, at 7 pm. and Sunday, July 14, at 5 pm.

DSC_2854 - Version 2

Ed Roseberry took up photography while serving in the Pacific during WWII. He returned to Charlottesville and graduated from UVA in 1949. While at the university, Ed began freelancing as a photographer, documenting everything: parties, parades, UVA sports , downtown storefronts, aerial views of country estates, famous musicians, visiting dignitaries, historic buildings, and notable events in Charlottesville. After retiring in Hawaii for a few years he has returned to Charlottesville to share his work with the city he knows and loves. His body of work is astounding with tens of thousands of images of Charlottesville. Throughout his career he has had numerous exhibits, won many photography awards, and has had his work featured in a wide variety of publications. “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” is a selection of photographs from Roseberry’s extensive archives and first was shown as an exhibit during Charlottesville’s 250th Anniversary. It is now a slideshow presentation co-narrated by Ed Roseberry and Steve Trumbull. Multiple versions of the show have been produced by the Charlottesville Historical Image Library and seen by hundreds in both private and public venues.


Happy 88th, Mr. Roseberry!


My wife, Karyn and I were honored to host a birthday party to celebrate Ed Roseberry’s 88th. Family came from as far away as California to wish Ed well, with many of his more local family joining in. Of course, Ed and I had to run through the “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” slideshow for the guests, but it included many images even the family hadn’t seen, so it was an entertaining evening for all. Ed was born on July 4, 1925.

_DSC6938 Ed posing for photographs for family. Here, Ed, Jr. and his two daughters gather around.

_DSC6912 Ed chats with his younger brother, Bill.

_DSC6908 Ed with his sister-in-law, Grace.

You can wish Ed happy birthday in person, on July 11th or July 14th at C’ville Coffee when we will show the new edition of “Roseberry’s Charlottesville”.  The Thursday show is at 7. The Sunday show is at 5. $5 at the door goes directly to Ed Roseberry and to CHIL to continue the digitization process of our ever-growing Roseberry Collection. Some of Ed’s classic photos will also be available for purchase as prints.