Barracks Road Shopping Center, 1963


Going through a number of Ed Roseberry’s photos of the Emmet St./Barracks Rd. part of town I got drawn in by this one from September 1963. (Click on above image for larger version). For long-time locals there are many things to observe here:

Service stations on three of the four corners at the intersection. Texaco, Esso, and Gulf, going clockwise from the top.

The Tavern (aka “Sarge’s”) has the phrase “Air-conditioned” written on the roof.  It would later have a different, now well-known, phrase.

The North Wing is still being worked on, with extensive excavating of the hillside to the north. The section to the south not yet started.

The light-roofed Colonial Store was the very first building to be built in BRSC.

Carroll’s Tea Room gone, replaced by bank.

Both roads are two-lanes with Emmet just being expanding.  It appears the the road-widening is happening on the east side in the section south of Barracks Rd. and the west side in the section to the north.

Thomas Jefferson Inn is visible in the right top corner of the image.

Mountain Bowl to the left side of the image.

There are many more images of this area to show.  I am currently working on posts on both Carroll’s Tea Room and on BRSC.  Our slideshows on July 11 and 14 at C’ville Coffee will feature nearly 100 of Ed’s photos in a program titled “Roseberry’s Charlottesville”

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