Linden Lane Farm Antique Car Show


Earlier this month a fantastic selection of antique cars were on display under beautiful skies at Linden Lane Farm in Keswick.  The show was part of the Historic Farm Tour organized by volunteers from Grace Episcopal as a fundraiser for their outreach programs.  Now an annual event, this is one of the best historical tours in the area.

Below is a sampling of the automobiles on display that day at Linden Lane.

IMG_7943 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible

IMG_7907 Owner Bouvard Hosticka gives visitors rides in his 1910 Franklin

IMG_7909 1950 GMC pick-up

IMG_7921 1936 Rolls Royce convertible

IMG_79311937 Packard

IMG_7927 Stephen Trumbull, Jr. checks out Ed Roseberry’s 1941 Fleetwood Cadillac

IMG_7933 Owner Ron chats with a friend next to his 1938 Packard convertible

IMG_7954 1959 Mercedes Benz

IMG_7953 1940 Buick Eight convertible

IMG_7924 1922 Hupmobile

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    • Thanks, Steve. Good eye. Looking forward to doing a vintage auto/service station/dealership sort of show as per your suggestion….hope to see you at the Roseberry show!

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