C’ville Then and Now

Most of the visitors to this site are already familiar with our work over the past few years on Charlottesville Then and Now, covering many stories from Charlottesville’s past through photographs. In exhibits, publications, a 250th Anniversary calendar, and here online, we’ve done 100s of pairs of “Then and Now” images.  In the months ahead, we will continue the photographs and stories and add some stunning new features.  You can visit our Charlottesville Then and Now archives and also check back here at C’ville Images many vintage photos to come.

For now, I’d like to share just a few of the photos I’ve been working on. With this effect,  I take two different images of the same scene (taken anywhere from 40 to 100 years apart) and merge them together in one image. The result is a surreal blending of past and present.

Preston warehouse copy This first scene is a building on Preston Avenue that once sold farm supplies and today houses an antiques store.  The older photo was taken by Ralph Holsinger.

Mall Merge This scene shows Main Street before the pedestrian mall, merged with the trees and cafes that replaced the asphalt street in the mid-70s. A pair we first showed in the 250th Anniversary calendar for Charlottesville.

Central Place Merge Here we see 300 block of East Main Street after the 1973 fire destroyed the buildings there merged with the Central Place and the building across the street. Standard Drug then is CVS now.  We also used this pair in our Daily Progress Calendar.

MadBowl Merge These two photos of Mad Bowl at UVA merge the chaos of Easter’s with the well-kept sports fields we know today. The Easter’s image was taken by Ed Roseberry and has been shown multiple times in our “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” shows, created by CHIL and co-narrated by Ed Roseberry and Steve Trumbull.

merge West Main We first showed this Then and Now pair of West Main Street images in a presentation hosted by “Charlottesville Tomorrow” at Zinc in the spring of 2012. The features from the past (1970s) are the Charco-burger sign and the enormous Safeway sign, both also featured recently in our “Signs of C’ville” slideshow.

South street Merge 2 This one has been shown a few times and merges a Rufus Holsinger photograph with a 2010 look at two warehouses on South Street, both familiar landmarks to locals.

Hotel albemarle MergeAnd finally, we have the historic Hotel Albemarle, in two of its many incarnations.  Both these images (and many others of this grand hotel) can be found on one of our older posts on Charlottesville Then and Now.

The old photographs are courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library and both the Roseberry Collection and the Coiner Collection at Charlottesville Historical Image Library.  All modern day images are by Steve Trumbull, Trumbull Photography, ©2010-2013

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