Dome Debate

_DSC4537Lately there has been a debate around Grounds and around town over whether the new copper dome of the Rotunda should be painted as planned.  Now that the glistening, new, copper dome is in place, fans of the look are pleading with planners to keep the fresh new-penny look and not paint it white.  Somewhat lost in the debate seems to be the fact that the copper will fade to green and brown and other colors in between. While that look has its own appeal among copper-roof purists, the shiny new look is more likely what is catching fans’ enthusiasm.  The “Jefferson-never-intended-it-to-be-white” argument might have some validity, but when Pavilion X was returned to its original beige/sand color there were audible gasps from many quarters. Then again, Jefferson didn’t intend it to be copper at all (he used tin).

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