Holsinger At 100: May 17, 1913

getStaticImageExactly 100 years ago Rufus Holsinger took this photograph of a building on The Corner at the University of Virginia. Temperance Hall, built in the 1850s, later served as a student union building and, as seen in this photo, housed a bookstore, post office and ticket office for the C&O Railroad. Later this very same year it would be torn down and replaced by the the Entrance Building. Designed by Eugene Bradbury, the Entrance Building would serve similar purposes and add a tearoom (Prohibition was the law in VA, by this time).  The Entrance Building would be moved a few yards to the east in the 1920s where it remains today.


 Holsinger image courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library. current day photo by Steve Trumbull, Trumbull Photography

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