Hydraulic Mills/Earlysville Tour

Below are a few photos from Saturday’s tour of the Hydraulic Mills/Earlysville area and some of the sites that are among the remaining connections to the rural African-American community that once thrived here.  While the controversy surrounding the long-abandoned Sammons property on Lambs Road is dominating the local news lately, there are many other significant sites that are being well-preserved and are a wealth of local Charlottesville history that should be visited and shared.

_DSC5200The barn on the Carr-Greer Farm

_DSC5137 The Preservation Piedmont tour group visits the home of Link Evans, an African-American blacksmith in Earlysville, whose home has been well-kept and preserved by its current owner.

_DSC5093 Alice Cannon invites guests into her antebellum plantation home and shares the history of the slaves who worked there and their many descendants, whose history she has worked tirelessly to research and preserve.

_DSC5123 A beautifully preserved plantation home on the tour.

_DSC5131 Several of the Central Virginia History Researchers, who have extensively studied these rural communities, joined the tour and provided outstanding insight and commentary throughout the afternoon.

_DSC5143 Nathaniel “Link” Evans house near Earlysville.

_DSC5165 The congregation of Union Ridge Baptist Church welcomed our tour group with friendly hospitality and stories from their 143 year history. Union Ridge was an integral part of this community since just after Emancipation and still serves the area today.

_DSC5186 The tour group concluded the afternoon with a tour of the Greer Farm provided by the Ivy Creek Foundation and a reception provided by Preservation Piedmont.

For more information about these lost and endangered communities, visit the Central Virginia History Researchers website.  CVHR’s research and participation in this event was invaluable.

Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this tour together, but a special thanks to my wife, Karyn, who is always there when the pressure is on.

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