Montalto Album #1

Montalto is not as well known as the next mountain over, Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson) but it is higher…much higher!

In the wake of yesterday’s  Montalto Challenge 5K, I’m posting a few pics of the mountain from my own collection.  Yesterday’s race was the first for my twelve year old son Stephen, but hopefully the first of many father-son races in the months and years ahead.

IMG_1546 A hot-air ballon drifts slowly past Montalto

IMG_5663 A police helicopter near Montalto

IMG_0039 A dramatic summer storm brews over Montalto

IMG_4005 Sunset as seen from Montalto

IMG_6549 Snow covers Montalto with Woolen Mills in the foreground

IMG_7607 Our friend John Campbell, always a top contender, makes the final break for the finish line in the 2013 Montalto Challenge.

IMG_7637 Stephen Trumbull, Jr. takes in the spectacular view from Montalto after completing the Montalto Challenge.

IMG_3998A Thomas Jefferson Foundation fundraiser atop Montalto.

Photo of John Campbell by Karyn Trumbull.  All others by Steve Trumbull. © Trumbull Photography, 2008-2013

2 thoughts on “Montalto Album #1

  1. That’s the first photo credit I’ve ever had! It was a great event and I was happy to take the photographer role. My only regret is that the day wasn’t clearer. It is beautiful up there, but the view was limited since the sky was a little grey. Looking forward to shooting many more races to come!

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