Mystery Photo #17

img342This photograph, taken 57 years ago by Ed Roseberry, shows the kitchen of a favorite spot among UVA students.  Know where?  Reply below.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Photo #17

  1. This one got lots of comments and answers on Facebook in the places I posted it. This is Carroll’s Tea Room’s kitchen. Carroll’s sat on the SW corner of Emmet Street and Barracks Road. It was moved in the late 50s as Barracks Road Shopping Center was being built. It no longer exists. Nearly 200 people attended our showings of “Roseberry’s Charlottesville earlier this year. We covered the history of the iconic local beer joint in detail. Look for a story on Charlottesville Then and Now later this year on Carroll’s. Look for an encore showing of “Roseberry’s Charlottesville” in the months ahead as well.

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