C’ville At Night, circa 1950

img402This photograph was taken by local photographer Ed Roseberry who we’ve featured extensively on this site as well as on Charlottesville Then and Now. This undated image was from Ed’s early years in photography (which started around 1948).  This night shot was a time-lapse exposure (several seconds) in order to capture the city lights. It was taken from Carter’s Mountain.  The “S” curve to the center-right that extends into the foreground is Monticello Avenue/Route 20. To the far right of the image is the Blue Ridge Sanitorium. The brightest section of the photo is downtown Charlottesville, with the Monticello Hotel identifiable toward the right end and brightest point in Downtown.  U.S. 64 would cut across the middle of this image from side to side of the frame but the interstate highway system did not yet exist. (From the Roseberry Collection at CHIL)


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