Holsinger at 100: March 20, 1913

getStaticImage-12Above is the next image in our series of photographs by Rufus Holsinger that we are featuring exactly 100 years to the day after he took them.

On March 20, 1913, Holsinger took this image of the West Range at the University of Virgina. Providing housing for students, then and now, the West Range remains largely unchanged from how it looked 100 years ago. West Range was where Edgar Allan Poe stayed in his short time as a student here in 1826. (His room was to Holsinger’s immediate left, just out of view in this photograph). Another well-known former resident here was Woodrow Wilson.

The taller section of the building straight ahead is known as “Hotel C”.  Originally built for lodging and dining, it has long been used by the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. During the Civil War the Confederate Army used Hotel C as a hospital.

Holsinger Image courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library (located today in the part of Grounds which was to Holsinger’s immediate right)

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