Main Street, C’ville: A Tour Through Time


On April 11th we will be giving our next photo presentation, featuring vintage images of Main Street in Charlottesville. This is a newly assembled slideshow of a wide range of photographs, some of which may be familiar to local history buffs, others that have never been shown before in public.  Join us on the second Thursday in April for this tour of Main Street in a way you’ve never seen it.

This event is being held at C’ville Coffee on Harris St. at 7 p.m.  Admission: $5 at the door helps to support the work done by the Charlottesville Historical Image Library (CHIL).



Holsinger detail billboards West Main


Top image by Ed Roseberry from the Roseberry Collection at CHIL.  Middle Image from the Coiner Collection at CHIL.  Bottom image from the Holsinger Collection, Special Collections, UVA Library.    Used by Permission.  Not to be reproduced.

2 thoughts on “Main Street, C’ville: A Tour Through Time

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  2. How interesting – the ends of the Mall’s Main Street without its bookends! And you can see straight through to the Jefferson School! The photographs really help a Transplant like me visualize the flow of traffic before roads and traffic were re-routed in the ’70’s. Thanks.

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