Sammons Family Cemetery

Preservation Piedmont and other area groups are working with local authorities to determine what can be done to preserve the cemetery (and possibly the nearby home) that is in the proposed path of the Western By-Pass in Albemarle County.

This cemetery, was not identified in the original plans for the by-pass and for obvious reasons has drawn attention and concern.

The house, although in disrepair, still seems structurally sound and most likely dates to the mid-19th Century.

The gravestones are all in excellent condition all from the early 20th Century.  Researchers that have studied the site feel there may be additional unmarked graves at the location.

Here are a few images of the grave sites and house on the Sammons Family property:

DSC_3383 DSC_3390 DSC_3398 DSC_3391




Local historians believe that the Sammons Family were an integral part of the local African American community in this part of the county that grew out of the freed slaves from the Hydraulic Mills after emancipation.  More about this community can be found here.

This coming May, Preservation Week will focus on lost communities like the one surrounding Hydraulic Mills.

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3 thoughts on “Sammons Family Cemetery

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  2. To whom it may concern:

    I was very pleased to learn of your interest in preserving the Sammons Family Cemetery and Jesse Scott Sammons House and enjoyed the photos on this site. I am a direct descendant of the Sammonses and since my family learned of the plans to destroy our cemetery, to which we hold perpetual rights of ingress and egress, many family members have been working diligently to stop this effort and to publicize that our family’s heritage is being threatened with destruction. I’d be grateful to hear from you and Preservation Piedmont to learn what efforts are underway on the family’s behalf. If there is any way we can be involved in your advocacy efforts, we would appreciate hearing from you directly.
    Best regards,
    Erica Caple James

    • Dear Ms. James,
      Thank you for writing. I am a local photographer with an interest in local history and follow any local story of historical significance, and your family’s cemetery and the near-by home are becoming a big story here locally. While I do historical documentation for Preservation Piedmont and other area groups, many of the things I research and photograph are purely out of personal interest. The Sammons story is certainly one of those. I will pass on your remarks to Preservation Piedmont, and will try to reach you by email as well.
      Best Regards,
      Steve Trumbull

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