Mr. Holsinger’s Assistant

In response to a recent question posted on “Holsinger at 100”, I’ve done a little investigating…getStaticImage-7There are several photographs in the Holsinger Collection that we can be certain were not taken by Rufus Holsinger (besides the later images taken by his son, Ralph).  This one, for example, from a pageant on the Lawn at UVA in 1918 is credited to Rufus.

Holsingerdetail1918LawnBut looking closer at the image we can spot Mr. Holsinger, himself taking a photograph. So if we could determine what image Holsinger was taking at the moment we might find an answer…


getStaticImage-11This image, given the same date, appears to have been taken from the location Holsinger was standing.  It is an interesting photo of the pageant, albeit a bit crooked in its composition. In it, however we can see two figures up on the terrace to the left.


Holsinger Detail1918Rotunda With a closer look, we see a man operating a camera propped up on the balustrade pointed in the direction of Holsinger. While this gentleman is certainly not Ralph Holsinger who would later take over the family business but was much younger at the time, it is evidence that Rufus Holsinger employed other photographers to assist in the photo shoots.

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