Holsinger at 100

Holsinger self portrait 2

In this new feature on C’ville Images we will be selecting some outstanding photographs by Charlottesville photographer Rufus Holsinger from Special Collections at UVA Library.  The staff at Special Collections has done an amazing job cataloguing over 9000 Holsinger images (taken by Rufus and his son, Ralph).  The elder Holsinger’s career was going strong in the 1910s and with each photograph he meticulously recorded the date in a ledger that has been preserved by Special Collections staff.  In this series, we will feature images from Holsinger on the same date, exactly 100 years after Holsinger produced it.

Holsinger on LawnA rare image of Rufus Holsinger at work, documenting an event on the Lawn at the University of Virginia in the early Twentieth Century.

Both images courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library.


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  1. Good question. Even in the “self-portraits” in the studio someone else (an assistant?) had to operate the shutter to expose the glass plate or film. as for the shots of Holsinger on location…I’ll have to do some research.

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