DSC_3262Tucked away off the east end of High Street in Charlottesville, this century-old house named “Riverdale” overlooks the Rivanna River at Freebridge.

DSC_3268The main part of the house is built with brick but features details made of concrete block like the quoins seen here. These rough-texture blocks were popular in the early Twentieth Century construction in Charlottesville. You can see this block used in several homes around town, almost all dating to the period 1900-20.

DSC_3266Riverdale was built for Minnie Barnes in 1912 as an addition to an older wood frame house.

getStaticImage-3There was not much on this end of High Street 100 years ago and it wouldn’t be until 1917 that the street was paved, by which time Ms. Barnes had sold the property to Aldretus Wilton Ward. The house is barely visible in the upper left of this photograph by Rufus Holsinger (Courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library).

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