Mystery Photo: #1

The first in a series of mystery photos….

Tell us when and where in Charlottesville this image was taken. Submit answers to “reply” on this page.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Photo: #1

  1. This looks like 250 Bypass, where it crosses the railroad tracks just west of the (soon to be former) McIntire Golf Course parking lot. Nice Caddy!

  2. It’s on 250 Bypass, just near the swimming pool (that’s across the way). It’s near where the Covenant School used to be just before the McIntire Road stoplight.

  3. Bridge crossing the Southern Railroad on the 250 by-pass. Good observation from those who recognized the bridge. Photo was taken last weekend, March 9, 2013. The year this model Cadillac was made the by-pass did not exist and Rugby Avenue continued east, passing Rock Hill.

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