Looking Back: Main Street Snow, 1960


A slushy snow fell on C’ville  back on the 25th of February, 1960.  Well before the pedestrian mall was built, automobile traffic ran east to west along Main Street and shoppers could pull up to the front of the stores downtown.


Shopkeepers kept the sidewalks clear so customers could come in for groceries, auto parts, dry-cleaning, and all the other conveniences that lined Main Street in the 1950s and 60s. The above photo was taken on what is now the west end of the pedestrian mall. Today, the Mudhouse occupies the building seen here just beyond the parked Chevy pick-up.


In the image above we see the 400 block of East Main Street.  The Nook was not yet 10 years old and WINA radio had a prominent location downtown.



This last photograph from that snowy day in February, 1960, gives us the view looking east from the base of Vinegar Hill.  The Regal Cinema now occupies the Leggett’s building on the right. Much of the architecture within view (especially in the upper portions of the buildings) remains little changed from half a century ago.

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